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Through proper spinal adjustments that cater to the unique developmental stages of the spine for each phase of life, chiropractic and nutritional care allows the body to function at its full potential at any age.

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About Fuller Life Chiropractic

Boots and spurs, fashionable high heels, and everything in between, you will find Fuller Life Chiropractic welcoming. It is a happy, warm, and inviting office where you will feel like family. You will receive first class, customized care, based upon your special needs and goals. Whether just a few adjustments to get you back on your game or a complex care plan including full nutritional assessment with structural and postural correction, Dr. Fuller designs care for your specific health needs.

Our Reviews

We’re proud of our success stories. Here are a few of them:

Sabrina B
Sabrina B
Dr. Fuller has been amazing. She takes a personal approach to each patient and customizes their care. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know!
Michelle Ruttenberg
Michelle Ruttenberg
They do a great job! Love going there.
B Varn
B Varn
Great chiropractor! Definitely takes the time to find the problem and help out! Not in and out like most Chiropractic offices out there!
Dr. Tecla was very thorough in her examination before rendering treatment. I was a little tender but not in any pain compared to the pain I was in when I arrived. Surprisingly I still haven't been in pain although still tender 5 days later. Thank you, Dr Tecla and Diane for the recommendation.
Ana G
Ana G
Dr.Tecla Fuller is very professional and knowledgeable. I was feeling great the day after my visit. I will definitely be going back.